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B-Calm S.O.S. Intensive Care Facial Balm


Sensitive skin occasionally suffers from “exceptional crises” that require specific care. However, any person, with or without sensitive skin, is susceptible of getting stressed at any moment and for various circumstances.


Emergency soothing treatment for sensitive or sensitized skin. Instant effect.


Immediately relieves and helps face adverse reactions. A small dose, applied globally or locally, relieves and comforts. In just a few days the balm regulates the mechanisms involved in reddening and irritation. The skin recovers uniformity, smoothness and calmness.


Skinbiome Repair
Extracts of Berries of Tasmanian Pepper, Daffodil and Liquorice
Hydrogenated lecithin


As an intensive care, after carefully cleansing the skin, apply on the face, neck and décolletage morning and night. Next apply the usual treatment or B-CALM, as is convenient. It can also be used at any time of the day as an emergency repairer.

30-ml tube with dropper.

With box and package insert.

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