What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis puts an end to unwanted hair by disrupting the growth process at the root. A fine filament is carefully inserted into each individual hair follicle and a quick electrical charge is applied and the hair … Read More

What factors stimulate new hair growth?

Brand new growth of hair does not spring from the soil like a weed; it requires encouragement. So, what specific conditions must be present at the site of each potential hair in order to activate its … Read More

What conditions cause excess hair growth?

There appears to be three general categories of causes for excess hair: Congenital: Normal racial and familial growth patterns. Everyone comes into the world with some pre-established pattern for hair growth “built-in”. This pattern is inherited from … Read More

How do hormones affect hair growth?

Glandular alterations, or hormones, can bring about normal growths of hair during such periods as puberty, pregnancy and menopause. Puberty: One of the first events in that period of life known as puberty is the secretion … Read More

Is electrolysis painful?

The goal of the Electrologist is to work as closely to the pain threshold as possible, employing the maximum amount of current that the patron can comfortably take. The truth is that electrolysis treatments do sting … Read More

How many treatments will it take?

In an ideal world, electrolysis would be a one and done affair, but the cycles of hair growth make that an impossible dream. The fact is follow up is a key component of the treatment process … Read More