Is electrolysis painful?

The goal of the Electrologist is to work as closely to the pain threshold as possible, employing the maximum amount of current that the patron can comfortably take. The truth is that electrolysis treatments do sting for a very brief period during treatments, but the sensation fades quickly. It’s more of discomfort than pain, and it does not last.

Thresholds are not fixed physiological limits built into the system; they will change from time to time according to certain conditions. There are two factors which exert a major influence, the chemical composition of the synapses and the conscious focus of the patron. When dealt with properly, these can be used to the electrologist’s advantage.

If the patron is relaxed, the pain threshold can increase. The blowing of air on the skin at the point of insertion is another way of producing a cooling effect as well as providing a mental distraction which can be very successful on a large percentage of patrons. Constant communication with the patron is vital in order to work within the pain threshold. While working within this threshold or “working point” the patron should not reach the fist-clenching, toe-twisting stage, but should be kept at the point where the patron is content to take the treatment.

You should not feel too intimidated or embarrassed to express your feelings should you feel uncomfortable in any way during the treatment. If done correctly, even the most sensitive person can tolerate the treatments. With the right electrolysis professional, there is no reason to fear that electrolysis will hurt. If done correctly, the electrologist may feel traction but the patron should not recognize the epilation as a tweeze or pluck.

Information referenced from the Electrolysis Society of Alberta: and Electrolysis Thermolysis and the Blend: The Principles and Practice of Permanent Hair Removal by Arthur Ralph Hinkel